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Toni Kramberger
Cafova 2

SLO-2000 Maribor

TGA Projektierung & Projektsteuerung

Firmengründung: 1995
Branchen: TGA
Einsatzort: Europaweit
Kunden, Projekte,
We develop real estate such as housing complexes, shoping centers, hotels, business centers and industrial plants. We plan, construct, market and create value,and we do it recognising and accepting specific demands in every conuntry as well as targets of each customer. The way we work is highly commended and valued, ass we have been operating activelly and successfully in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary for several years.
We consider different approaches, seek new ideas and discover potential new applications. This allows the market to expand as we identify new opportunities and solutions for public authorities, users and investors alike. We are dedicated to this kind of project, and we like to stay involved for as long as practical. With our expertise, skill and solid commercial knowhow, we deliver success to each and every project. We are mindful that each project requires our unwavering dedication in order to excel in terms of quality, which is why our work is focused and dependable.
Our engineers and engineers of our partners with their knowledge of managing complex projects, experience and competences, assure an integral and professional approach to investment realization. Team work of our specialists of various professions and development orientation in all business processes enable high professionalism and quality performance of works within the agreed terms and firmly guarantee to its clients successful implementation of projects.
Philosophie: INSTITUTE ARTI FUTURE - INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN SPACE, with headquarters at Cafova ulica 2, 2000 Maribor has been established as an International Institute for the needs of "man-friendly living environment" and as an important partner to public and private institutions as well as to investors in the field of consultations, planning and implementation of environmental projects.
Our institute comprises of experts of various profiles such as architects, urban planners, civil engineers, experts in the field of sustainable building concepts (energy efficiency), ecologists, experts in the field of project management, economists, bankers and other experts, that with
Understanding these issues, the core of our work in the institute focuses on the implementation and management of many areas of expertise, in particular:
- Urban design and planning,
- Architectural, constructional and other design,
- Research activities,
- The energy sector with an emphasis on sustainable building concepts,
- Energy and implementation of alternative energy sources,
- Financial engineering,
- Development strategies,
- Project management and investments.
Organisational form of our Institute meets the requirements of the multidisciplinary skills that we can offer in the execution of development projects. We cooperate with highly skilled companies and personell.
In the context of our Institute all areas of architectural design and construction of engineering structures are represented. Also a very important part of our Institute is the scientific research activity that is conducted by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor.